You Swing Like a G-g-g-i-r-r-l-l! A Media Literacy Intervention to Analyze Student Attitudes on Gender Constructions in Sport

By Carolyn Fortuna.

Published by Journal of Sports Pedagogy and Physical Education

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This study advances research on high school students’ attitudes about sex, gender, and identity in sport before and after a digital media literacy intervention. Expanding on past research that typically utilizes digital media literacy as a mechanism for health awareness, this study ascertains how student athletes, spectators, non-athletes, and non-fans differ in gaining critical distance from gendered hierarchies in sport. Results show that reproduction of hegemonic gendered hierarchies in sport is dependent upon collaborative versus individual analysis and production, and it also points to the power of media literacy, mentors, and mentor texts to inspire critical distance from mediated messages. Across all sub-populations, participants in this digital media literacy intervention expressed knowledge of inequities in sports due to gendered hierarchies, envisioned at least partial inroads to sports egalitarianism, and scored significantly higher on a post-intervention “Attitudes about Sex and Gender in Sports” survey.

Keywords: Sport, Sex, Gender as Institution, Hegemony, Digital Media Literacy Intervention, Media Messages, Identity, Egalitarianism

Journal of Sports Pedagogy and Physical Education, Volume 6, Issue 4, January 2016, pp.1-24. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published Online: January 3, 2016 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 643.899KB)), ISSN: ISSN 2381-7100.

Dr. Carolyn Fortuna

Post-Doctoral Student, Media Education Lab, Rhode Island, USA

Carolyn is a media literacy scholar whose work has centered on the intersection of student learning, media literacy, and sports. Her current qualitative research regarding student attitudes around sex and gender in sport aligns her expertise about student-centered inquiry with her passion for digital literacy.